Use *CloudSpelling* to guarantee a SOUND foundation.

You will need something to write with (pencil, pen, markers, etc.) and something to write on (paper, chalkboard, etc.)

Get free sound-sorted WORD LISTS for your favorite story.

To begin, print a SOUND MAP.

Parse-out the smallest sound-units.

Example: The word think contains four sounds.
Using the codes on your SOUND MAP, identify those four sounds:

The first is the initial Consonant Sound:  C26
The second is a Vowel Sound:  V02
The third is a Consonant Sound:  C35
The fourth is the final Consonant Sound:  C22

We could also represent the word think like this:  cVcc

Articulate each sound as you draw a sound-tag for each sound (see photo).

Example: For the word think, draw four circles for these codes:

C26... V02... C35... C22

Spell-out each sound-unit, differentiating Consonant and Vowel sounds.

Notice in the photo above:
Consonant sound-spellings are printed UNDER sound-code
Vowel sound-spellings are printed ABOVE sound-code

C26 sound-spelling uses Letters /TH/
V02 sound-spelling uses Letter /I/
C35 sound-spelling uses Letter /N/
C22 sound-spelling uses Letter /K/

     C26     V02     C35     C22
     TH                    N          K

Draw a cloud-squiggle boundary around the encoded word, as shown in the photo.

After encoding, students are ready to decode/decipher text.

WordsAhead focuses on speech sound-units:  think = cVcc
Heard... Said... Spelled... Read (pronounced "red")

Teach other facts using the word think:
  • C26 is voiceless; C27 is voiced
  • C35 is normally spelled /-ng/ as in sing
  • C22/k/ can also be spelled C22/c/ in cat or C22/ck/ in luck

Choose vocabulary that is meaningful and relevant.  For instance, practice spelling state names using this video created by 123peaceplease and published on YouTube:

Sample sound-spellings:

Alabama V • cV • cV • cV
C37/L/ + V04/A/
C17/B/ + V01/A/
C33/M/ + V04/A/

Alaska V • cV • ccV
C37/L/ + V01/A/
C28/S/ + C22/K/ + V04/A/

Arizona V • cV • cV • cV
C38/R/ + V02/I/
C29/Z/+ V08/O/
C34/N/ + V04/A/

Arkansas Vc • cVc • cV
V11/A/ + C38/R/
C22/K/ + V01/A/ + C34/N/
C28/S/ + V11/AS/

California cV • cV • cVc • cV • V
C22/C/ + V01/A/
C37/L/ + V02/I/
C24/F/ + V08/0/ + C38/R/
C34/N/ + V10/I/